Thank you for your interest in Grandma's Place.  Grandma's Place is a premier provider of services, working with individuals to become their best. We have clients who have lived at Grandma's Place for over 15 years and want to continue having clients stay as long as they feel they need our supports.  We want to make sure that Grandma's Place is a good fit for the client and the client will be a good fit for us.

Grandma's Place currently has two locations. Our Crystal site is located on 59th and West Broadway. The Crystal location has 1 bedroom apartments for $645/month. 2 bedrooms for $655/month. Our Minneapolis site is located on 19th and Vincent ave. N.  This location has efficiency units for $595/month, 1 bedrooms for $620/month and 2 bedroom units for $645/month. Please note that units are based on availability.

Grandma's Place Criteria:


  • All criteria is verified through documentation, background studies, rental verifications and interviews with providers, family, and/or friends.

Ability to pay for housing and services:

  • Take home income
  • Ability to make payments
  • Have a BI or CADI waiver or the ability to pay privately for services

Ability to Direct Services:

  • Neuro Psychological Results, Diagnostic Assessment, Functional Assessment

Able to work with staff on customized plan of care:

  • Placement reports on services provided and completion rates and refusals.

Client must not exhibit recent history of behaviors that endanger self, other clients & staff:

  • No recurrent violent history in the last 3 years
  • Property destruction over the last 3 years
  • Stability with self-injurious behaviors over the last year
  • No verbal aggression over the last year
  • No VA history towards other clients in the last 3 years

Client will have needs that can be safely met by Grandma's Place:

  • Services currently provided and what is still needed

Substance Use Concerns:

  • Independent stability with substance use concerns for the last year

Intake Process:

Initial Intake Call:

  • An initial phone screening will be scheduled so that the person making the referral can get acquainted with Grandma's Place and our services.
  • During this phone meeting an initial screening will be conducted to see if the referral meets our criteria.
  • If the referral meets the criteria, various documents verifying this will be needed.
  • During the initial intake call  several phone call meetings as well as a tentative meet & greet will be scheduled.

Meet & Greet:

  • The meet & greet will be a time where the client and case manager come and check out the site and is also a time where we get to know more about each other. The meet & greet can last up to 2 hours due to the interview conducted with the client.

Team Meeting:

  • A team meeting will be scheduled for Grandma's Place to discuss the referral and whether the client will be a good fit. Grandma's Place will review all documents, discuss what services the client may need, whether we will be able to provide those services and how they will be provided.


  • Within 24 hours of the team meeting. the case manager or person making the referral will be contacted and given notification of Grandma's Place determination in moving forward with the referral and intake process. 
  • If Grandma's Place determines that a client will be a good fit,  a 6790, shelter verification and an action plan that will outline the next steps and deadline for certain action items will be submitted. The action plan will have a tentative move-in date, apartment number, and the amounts due for rent and security deposit.

A Week Before Move-In:

  • All action items must be submitted no later than a week prior to move-in.
  • Grandma's Place will call  and confirm that we have everything needed and we are on track for the move-in date.

Move-In Day:

  • Move-in day will be very busy and can be stressful. Please make sure the client has all medications in a separate bag that is easily accessible in order to be processed with the nurse.
  • Payment of rent and security deposit are due.
  • Lease signing will be completed.
  • Housing w/Services contract will be completed.
  • The Site Services Manager will go over all intake paperwork and will require a lot of signatures by the client. The intake paperwork can take and hour to complete.
  • After the intake paperwork, Grandma's Place will work with the client on getting settled in their new home.
  • During the first week Grandma's Place will go through an orientation with the client to familiarize them with Grandma's Place, our services and expectations, making sure the client is adjusting to their new home.

If you have any questions about our intake process and criteria, please contact Biff Drew at

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Our Intake Process

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