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Grandma's Place first opened our doors in 2000, but our story begins earlier than that with a special girl who had some special needs.

She was the foster daughter of one of Grandma's Place founders.

Growing up in her foster home, she often spent time at her foster grandmother's place where she learned skills that allowed her to become more independent.  Time at her grandma's place was more than just about learning life skills like cooking and cleaning; it was a safe place where she could grow and learn through making mistakes. More importantly, it was a place where she was always accepted.

She grew into a young adult and soon needed a safe place to live because once she turned 18 she would no longer qualify for the child foster care program.

When she was asked where she wanted to live next, she expressed that she wanted to live in her foster Grandmother's apartment complex--at her Grandma's Place.

An idea was born, and the foster parents contacted another family who had experience operating group homes.  Together they approached the state about a new idea for a safe place that would provide individuals with special needs an opportunity to live in their own apartments while still receiving supports.

After persevering through many long hours and hard work, Grandma's Place received approval and began providing services to individuals in an independent apartment setting.

With the help and dedication of many qualified and compassionate staff members, Grandma's Place has continued its tradition of working with individuals to become their best by providing customized living services tailored to specific individuals needs in an independent living setting.